Video Protection and Delivery Technology

SecureMotionPicture from IDVIU is a product designed to serve videos to the widest audience with the highest protection.

For Consumer Video on Demand services on multi devices with the highest quality, Digital Screener solutions with the highest security, "Day and Date" (aka. Movie Theater at Home) services.

SecureMotionPicture runs on your Linux or FreeBSD servers:
it generates efficiently Apple HLS or MPEG DASH on the fly from the different MP4 quality renditions,
it protects with Widevine, Playready or Fairplay DRM,
it generates on the fly a unique copy with invisible deep watermarking to each device.

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The technology behind large scale ultimate video protection


The SecureMotionPicture server is a binary for Debian or FreeBSD running natively on the machine and optimized at every level to maximize the number of connections.

Ease of Use

Just list the MP4 (H264/AAC) with the different renditions in a simple text file and the server will generate an adaptative bit rate HLS or Dash stream. DRM is just activated with an additional tag. When specifying "MMRK" files, a unique copy with an invisible "forensic" watermarking will be generated instantly.

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